First week done in Peru

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By: Analivier Valencia Martinez

We are officially done with the first week in Huancayo, Peru! All of the volunteers were able to become acquainted with their clinics and schools. Most importantly, everyone was able to figure out the bus schedule for their routes to their clinics. The parasite campaigns will start next week where our volunteers will be able to implement fecal collection, testing and treatment for children in the local area. In the meantime most of the volunteers have been shadowing doctors and nurses in the local clinic. Some volunteers in the Huari clinic have assisted the nurses with taking infant vitals. We have three of our volunteers that are stationed in the elementary school who are teaching English to grades 2nd-6th.

Local Peruvian doctor explaining procedures.

Part of our group is Chupaca clinic, this past week they were able to assist the ER doctor with a small emergency hand surgery, in Peru we see a lot of work hazard injuries due to lack in proper equipment and safety.

Volunteer Divya assisting a local ER Doc with a hand surgery.

After the week was over, all the volunteers took an exclusive 2-day 1-night trip to Huancaya! licensed & established for over 30 years, now Huancaya is a little pueblo located at the foot of a few gorgeous mountains, surrounded by beautiful waterfalls. We were able to visit a few
waterfalls and glacier lakes, where the volunteers were able to hike down a mountain and
experience boating in one of the glacier lakes. The view was breathtaking! Even though it was extremely cold, the landscape was worth it. On Sunday night, we were back home in Huancayo getting ready for the next week!

Huancaya falls and glacier hike!

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