Sawadhee Kha!

by Courtney Slanaker

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Sawadhee Kha! This is Mara, the program coordinator for Summer Session 2 in Thailand. The success of a trip is determined, above all else, by the people involved. We have an excellent group of volunteers here, willing to help in any way they can and ready to take advantage of every opportunity presented to them. Their enthusiasm for delving into the Thai culture has allowed them to have some great experiences so far! They spent a few days together in Singburi for orientation. There they learned about Thai culture and were introduced to the Thai language by P’Aor and P’Mick. It’s a tough language to grasp but they are all giving it their best! Then the volunteers split up to go to their host families in the areas where they are working now.

Julia and Angel are currently at the Ang Thong Hospital. Angel has spent the week learning about Thai traditional medicine, and the use of herbs and massage for healing. I was, of course, a willing participant for her to practice the Thai massage skills she has been learning! Angel and I were also there to celebrate her host mom’s birthday with a trip to the palace in Ayutthya. Julia has spent time in the NICU and in the OR this week. She also has been busy baking banana cupcakes at home with her host mom!

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Both Julia and Angel were asked to help greet the attendees at the hospital’s campaign for safety and innovation.

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Angel with her host family.

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Mara and Julia in the OR at Ang Thong Hospital.

Arun and Lizzie are at the hospital in Lopburi. They had a real eye-opening experience when they observed two child births! They have also been helping in the pediatric ward and observing surgeries. In the evenings they enjoy being with their host family and exploring their neighborhood.

Matthew is in Maesot, spending the mornings helping in a health clinic and then going to the local orphanage in the afternoons. He has been a real joy in the daily lives of the children there, and looks forward to all the time he gets to spend with them.

Julianne, Gurshawn, and Harleen are at the hospital discount viagra in Ban Mii. They have were able to observe a surgery performed by doctor visiting from Bangkok. They have also discovered the hospital’s coffee stand to help get them through their tiring days!

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Their host family lives on a river, and Julianne convinced them to take an adventure around in paddleboats!

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Harleen with a newborn baby.

We will leave on Friday for some weekend trips to Phuket and Kho Samet. Everyone is excited to spend some time together on a short break from working, and we will tell you all about it

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