Summer “Winter” trip in Thailand!

by Courtney Slanaker

By: Courtney Slanaker and Reema Patel
As the year 2014 comes to an end our Thailand volunteers have been making great strides in viagra for men their clinical rotations in Ang Thong, Thailand! Our two volunteers Reema Patel and Arianna Etessami have acclimated to Thailand, their clinical rotations and have embraced the culture.

Reema: “My home stay is incredible. I didn’t expect this much from them, I love them already. They go above and beyond to make sure I’m comfortable. The hospital departments have been good. The doctors are very welcoming and love to talk and share what they know even in the limited English they can speak. Explaining medical procedures and is sometimes difficult for the doctors due to the language barrier, but I use google to translate and they will use it as well show me on their phones.”

Reema Patel with her home stay mom!
Snapchat time! Reema getting ready to enter the OR.
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