Volunteer Blog: Thailand Winter (Part 1)

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A Warm Winter in Thailand!


As of December 25th, we have all adjusted to the Thai lifestyle! We have been experiencing the Thai culture from many different perspectives including seeing all the breathtaking Thai temples such as the Grand Palace, Ayutthaya and Wat Pho, eating traditional Thai food (some of us are struggling with how spicy the food is… A few glasses of water and Thai, learning how to use the bus system (on the roads and the water taxis), and learning how to greet and converse with Thai people. The first 5 days have been filled with adjustments to the culture, the food and the Thai way of life. Our volunteers have made a very smooth transitions and are now adjusting to volunteering in the different project sites.

Kayla is located in Longkaboa School in Ing Buri. She works with elementary school kids ranging from 1st to 6th grade on basic health education surrounding proper hygiene and sanitation. Kayla has started implementing basic hygiene classes for the kids. Her first project involved teaching the kids how to properly wash their hands using the song “Row row row your boat” as a method to time how long dapoxetine price in egypt . they wash their hands. Her second project involves proper dental hygiene. Kayla and Healthyouth are planning on donating a supply of toothbrushes and toothpaste for the kids and staff. Kayla is enjoying working in a primarily agrarian society and learning about all the traditions of the culture and ways of life.


Healthyouth volunteers donate decorations for a Christmas celebration

Brandon, Mara, Monica, Jay and Briena are working in a hospital in Antong. They will be taking

part in clinical rotations as well shadowing a doctor throughout the hospital. Their first days of volunteering included a hospital orientation as well as reviewing proper procedures. Monica is now working in the NICU department. She was able to help feed and hold one of the infants in the NICU. Brandon, Mara, and Jay are learning how to take vitals as well as administer vaccinations.


Volunteers at Ang Thong hospital

We have a very diverse group of volunteers that are making beautiful connections with the community. They are truly making a difference in the communities as well adapting and embracing the adversity that accompanies their travels!

Until next time! Courtney

Kayla demonstrating to the first and second graders how to brush teeth

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