Week 1 Thailand Adventures

by Courtney Slanaker

By: Miyoung Chung

Culture shock. It’s defined as a feeling of bewilderment experienced by a person who is subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes. I’m not sure if bewilderment is the correct word that describes the feelings you get when you get off the taxi and find yourself swallowed in the streets of Bangkok. The inescapable noise of the city. The sweltering humidity. The hundreds of people roaming the street, hailing from every corner of the world. Despite being here in Thailand for the third time, I still find myself taking a little time to adjust to this other whole other universe.

Summer 2015 All Star Volunteers!

Many of the volunteers here are experiencing their first trip abroad.

Their first experience of leaving home and all its wonderful comforts, and diving head first into a world they have never known. It’s wonderful to see their insatiable wanderlust and curiosity. The price they pay to come this far is nothing in comparison to the value of the experience they will gain. Not only will they get to see Thailand and all its glory, they get a fully immersive experience within the culture. After all the anticipation and preparation, we are finally here. Ready to learn. Ready to work. Ready to create memories and relationships that will resonate in us forever.

Volunteers passing out food to Thai Buddhist Monks!

Traditional Thai message! It hurts but feels so good.

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