Week 2 in Peru- Building a stronger community

by Website Creator

It is the end of the second week here in beautiful Huancayo, Peru. The girls have all worked so hard in their corresponding clinics and schools. During this second week of work, we have all learned the importance of public health and its global aspect in developing countries such as Peru. viagra generic The volunteers have also begun to develop relationships with the doctors and workers in the clinics. With the locals’ help, some of the clinics have successfully started the
anti-parasite campaign. The volunteers in the clinic at Huari have already distributed 100 sample cups to one school and have received about half of the amount distributed (around 60 samples) that were successfully tested in the lab.

Collecting fecal samples for our youth parasite campaign!

They also distributed 70 more sample cups at another elementary school and will
receive the samples soon to test them. The clinic in Chupaca will start the anti-parasite campaign June 22nd and will be testing 20 kids, ages 1-5, in > lessons for a teen health campaign at a school in Chupaca. We will be discussing the disadvantages of teen pregnancy, the severity of STI’s, and the dangers of bullying to teenagers in this community. We are right in the middle of all our
work and it is a very exciting time for all the volunteers! Not to mention the weekend trip to the jungle starting Saturday! We will be visiting waterfalls once more and taking a 6-hour hike across the jungle. It will be amazing!

Volunteer gathering personal information for the Parasite Campaign!


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