Week 3 in full- Peru

by Courtney Slanaker

After a magical weekend in the jungle, we start our third week of work in the clinics and schools. The volunteers at the Huari clinic have been working very hard on the parasite campaign and their work continues this week. All of the samples have been taken from the Huari elementary school and some of them have already been collected and sent to the lab. The results presented that almost half (about 24) of all samples (56 samples) tested so far were positive for parasites. This shows the importance of the work we are doing with the parasite campaign. There is a great need for parasite treatment and education to prevent this condition. The volunteers have handed out more


The trip to end our third week here was not as long as the others but definitely worth it. Saturday morning the girls were on their way to Huaytapallana, the highest peak of the valley in the Andes mountain range. The word Huaytapallana means to collect wild flowers, in the Peruvian indigenous language Quechua. At 18,000 feet this mountain holds glacier lakes and snow-covered peaks. The hike up and down this grand mountain was about 6 hours. Some of the girls shared that this was the hardest hike they had ever done, not only due to the length of the hike but to the altitude. There were times when they wanted to stop and turn around due to strenuous hike but each person made it successfully to the top! And most importantly everyone made it back home safe and sound! The next morning we all went to eat breakfast at a very nice restaurant and went down to the Sunday market where we all experienced more of the Peruvian culture in Huancayo. From the food to the music to the lama fur socks, everything was very interesting and beautiful. The rest of the day was very relaxing and we made sure to go to bed early to prepare for the last week of work here in Peru.

The end to a strenuous hike… Peace. serenity and family!


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