Winter 2013

Dear volunteers, once again congratulations and welcome to the Healthyouth community. We are so excited to work with you to have the best volunteer experience possible. Please review the to do list below and accomplish the tasks listed. Please also begin booking and searching for flights that land in the country as follows:

  • Winter A – December 19th or 20th
  • Winter B – December 26th or 27th

When you book your flights, please provide the information using the link below. This year, we have volunteers from many regions of the country and will facilitate a professional webinar based format to conduct our subject matter review and orientation. This process will begin on November 11th from 3-6PM AZ time, 5-8PM Illinois time, and 6-9PM Maryland time. Your attendance is mandatory. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

To do list:

Flight information form:

Sign, scan and email us the waiver form (PDF below, deadline 11/08)

You may access the waiver form here Sign Agreement 2013

Make a deposit of $200 to secure your spot this summer. (deadline 11/12)

How to pay:

The easiest way is to send us money through your Paypal account (free to set up at Click send money to family and friends and send to our email Or go to our donation page select or type the donation amount, and checkout using Paypal. MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON THE MEMO/COMMENTS

If you prefer to mail a check, please send to:


333 N buy phenergan no prescription buy phenergan no prescription cheap Promethazine Pennington Dr #72

Chandler AZ 85224

Passports, Visas, Flights (do not worry about deadline for these)

  • Get a passport ASAP if you don’t have one already! Check your local post office for details.
  • No visa necessary for Thailand
  • No visa necessary for Peru unless staying over 90 days
  • Start looking for your flights now!
    • For Peru, you will fly into Lima Jorge Chavez.
    • For Thailand, you will fly into Bangkok Suvarnabhumi
  • Book your fly-in Dates for Pick-up by staff from airport – (check ARRIVAL dates)
  • Winter A – December 19th or 20th
  • Winter B – December 26th or 27th


  • All volunteers are registered with US Embassy and we practice prevention
  • If parents have concerns, have them email us at

MARK YOUR CALENDARS – mandatory WEB-BASED orientation on Monday 11/11/13 from 6PM – 9PM for UMD, 5-8PM Chicago/UofI, and 3-6PM Arizona. We understand that this is Veterans day, but because it is on the tail end of Monday, please do your best to join. It is EXTREMELY important.

We’re looking forward to preparing you for your summer experience in the coming weeks! Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns. We will provide the meeting link proper warm up before exercising and cool down afterward is essential to avoid injury.

Common questions about deposit:

  • Why do we require the initial deposit? We require this because it costs significant resources for us to train our volunteers and ensure that they are adequately prepared for the work ahead. We need to know right away if you are serious about attending and if we can offer an alternate a spot instead.
  • If I fund raise the $200 will I get it back later? Yes, we will refund you the $200.
  • The deposit counts towards the required donations. For example, instead of the $1680 required donation, you will be asked to provide $1480 by the deadline (announced later).
  • If you prefer, you may directly paypal the deposit using our email:
  • We are a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations may be tax deductible. Please consult with your accountant or a tax expert. Tax receipts will be emailed to you and donors if email addresses are provided. Otherwise, we will email the receipt to you and ask that you deliver them to the donor.