Summer 2014

Welcome Summer 2014 Volunteers


5/13/14 Update

Audio for the 5/11 Sunday Orientation #8 can be downloaded here

Sunday Orientation #8 can be downloaded @ Summer 2014 Orientation 8

Donations updated, if you have not taken care of your payment please do so asap.

Previously developed health content for your lesson planning in groups can be found here: CURRICULUM ATTACHMENT

Again, please use this as a guide, it is not meant to be prescriptive and we want you to take ownership of it by customizing it to your audience, event. We hope this provides a few ideas for your teaching! You are the content expert so we will purchase discount medication! leave the final product up to you and your team.


4/27/14 Update

Thailand volunteers should download all documents in the general folder and their individual letter in the subfolder. Please submit all items along with visa application. Remember the requirements for the visa. Letters will be continuously uploaded in the next few days. The link is below: link to documents

Summer 2014 Orientation 5

Summer 2014 Orientation 4

3/25/14 Update

Orientation 2 presentation: Summer 2014 Orientation 2

Packing list and background material for Peru: Orientation Packet Peru 2014

Packing list and background material for Thailand: OrientationPacketThailand 2014

Thailand volunteers must purchase plane ticket by April 13th and email us the full itinerary at

Orientation schedule in the coming weeks will be from 6-7PM AZ MST, 8-9PM Central, 9-10PM EST every Sunday at the same log in below. Please NOTE: 3/30 orientation is the only exception from 5-6:30PM AZ MST, 7-8:30PM Central, 8-9:30PM EST. Attendance is mandatory. If you miss a session, we will be on the webinar 1 hour prior to the scheduled meeting each Sunday to go over questions from the week before.

Phone number: 213-416-1560

Access code: 020 1633

3/30 – Technical Orientation, Clinical
4/06 – Technical Orientation, Public Health
4/13 – Technical Orientation, International
4/20 – No meeting, Easter Sunday
4/27 – Final Review/Speaker TBD
5/04 – Meet the in-country teams
5/11 – Final Program Donation Fee Due

Donation tracking sheet: Click here to access google doc If you prefer to keep your donation tracking private, please email us, this is simply our effort to maintain transparency!


Please confirm your preferences by filling out the form below. You must make your program deposit of $150 and confirm below by March 21st, 2014. You can make the deposit by clicking here (write your name in comment box) or mailing a check to “Healthyouth 333 N. Pennington Dr #72, Chandler AZ 85224” Please write your name in the ‘memo’.

Confirmation Form

Please review all information below. This page will be periodically updated. Pay special attention to the ‘To Do List”.

3/12/14 Update

Thank you for those attending the orientation this past Wednesday. Access the presentation here: Summer 2014 Orientation 1. For those who missed it, we are offering a make-up session on Friday March 14 at 4pm EST, 1pm AZ, 3pm Central. The login details are the same:

Phone number: 213-416-1560

Access code: 020 1633

To Do List

1) Make your deposit of $150 (details above)

2) Fill out confirmation form (details above)

3) Sign and email us waiver (can scan and email or take a photo using your phone) to Download here: Sign Agreement 2014

4) Review items below.


Peru and Thailand: you should aim to arrive on May 21-22 (Session 1 & Full) or July 2-3 (Session 2).

Peru Airport: Lima Jorge Chavez Airport

Thailand Airport: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Great websites to look up tickets: (can compare Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, more), Momondo, Cheapoair, Cheaptickets.

After booking your ticket, EMAIL ITINERARY to

Traveler’s Insurance

You are required to have traveler’s insurance, specifically emergency evacuation and medical insurance. For medical coverage, check with your current insurance to see if they cover you while traveling internationally. For emergency evacuation, a few companies recommended by past volunteers include: Travel Guard, Frontier Med Ex, Student Travel Agency.


Please apply for one now if you do not have a passport.

For Peru, no visa will be needed.

For Thailand, we will go over details at the next orientation meeting.

Fundraising Letterhead (as discussed in orientation)

HealthyYouthLetterheadTemplate-11 (1)

Common questions/ FAQs
Q: When if I arrive outside of the dates listed
A: It is OK if you arrive outside of the dates, but you may have to work with our coordinators to arrange a way to catch up with the group depending on when you land. We really recommend that you arrive on those dates. You can arrive ANY TIME on those dates, even in the early morning, late at night. As long as it falls within those two dates listed.

Q: Is it ok if I depart a day early from the end of the program?
A: Yes, if you have to be back at school in time for the beginning of the semester, we definitely support your early departure. Please let us know when you book your tickets!

Q: Do you recommend vaccinations? Doctor visits, etc?
A: We recommend that all volunteers have a quick check up with their primary care doctor or their on campus travel clinic — they will have info on what shots, medicines,you need before departure.

Q: What does it mean when HY says it will help us fundraise and support crowdfunding?
A: For fundraising we provide official letters for volunteers to use with family and friends. For some students this has proven to be really successful, and many have fund raised their entire trip. Usually, students will write a personalized letter to a potential donor (ie: a coworker, family friend, relative etc) talking about how this trip will benefit them personally and professionally. We supply a official letter on our letterhead discussing the types of experiences the volunteer will undertake and how important their involvement is to not only the community, but for their professional growth. Students then generate a list of 100 people to email, meet, or mail and it’s their responsibility to follow up. In addition, their school recruitment leads may plan some small percentage nights, bake sales etc. but it is not required of them.
We really encourage volunteers to use their creativity and will do whatever it takes to support any projects. For example, last year, a girl who taught English in Thailand at the refugee camp made a kickstarter page to create artwork from her travels. Donors could give as little as $5 for her to send a small piece of artwork to them to over $1000 for a large canvas painting done by her and her students, framed, and hand delivered with a Healthyouth approved certification of authenticity of the work and signed by all the students with photos and a video of them making the art work. She got about 5 donors who wanted that kind of item and raised her trip funds in less than a week. We are happy to support any of our volunteers’ efforts to find creative ways to fundraise to the best of our capacity. As with anything else in life, you get what you put into it! Close family friends, coworkers, extended family, church, local businesses that you often go to and know your family… all are wonderful places to start.

Q: Is there internet in Thailand or Peru? How can my parents/family contact me?
A: You will have wifi in Peru. It is easy to contact parents by email and skype when bandwidth is low. In Thailand we have mobile hotspot wifi at the orientation house in Singburi so you will be able to use that service there with a smartphone or laptop. At the project site, however,you may not have access. If you own a unlocked smart phone, you can easily just purchase a sim card in Thailand, plug it into the phone and use it by purchasing charge cards and adding money to the sim card account (very easy to do and readily available at any convenience store). If you don’t not have an unlocked phone, it costs about $35 for a simple phone with text messaging that you can use locally and dial home with cheaply (costs around 10 cents/ min) and cheaper to text.

Q: Where do volunteers stay in Thailand and Peru?
A: In Thailand, you will be in Bangkok and Singburi. Singburi is located about 2 hrs north of Bangkok, which is in central Thailand. Both cities are quite modern although Singburi is more rural. Accommodations will range from group housing at the orientation house in Singburi to shared homestays depending on where we do our final placements for you. All accommodations are clean, private, and comfortable by reasonable standards and you will be very easily accessible to staff. We will match almost all of you with a roommate also from the program. In Peru, accommodations are group houses and a homestay family that also lives there with you.

Q: When is the final fee due?
A: May 9th. This is different than the deposit due on March 21st! The final amount will be the cost of the program minus deposit of $150, so $1530 for 1 session.

Q: How much extra money should I bring?
A: This will depend on your spending habits, purchases on souvenirs, and extra travel outside of the program, on weekends, for example. This is just a rough estimate, but we would just plan conservatively for around $500. Bring a ATM card to withdraw money (easiest method, but call your bank to let them know you are traveling abroad).

Q: What if I can’t scan and email the waiver?
A: Feel free to use a smart phone, take a clear picture with form signed and email us the picture!


3/9/14 Update

Our first orientation on Wednesday, 3/12 from 9-10PM EST, 8-9PM Central, and 6-7PM Arizona. We welcome you to invite your parents to join the meeting as well. This meeting is mandatory for program participation. We will discuss all of your Q&As (parents included), talk about program, expectations, and provide a detailed overview of what you can expectfrom Healthyouth.

LOGIN DETAILS for Wednesday:

9-10PM EST, 8-9PM Central, and 6-7PM Arizona

Phone number: 213-416-1560

Access code: 020 1633

We are incredibly excited to have you join our team. Please stay tuned for further announcements. Any questions can be directed to us at