Volunteer internships

Volunteer abroad with Healthyouth to work in clinics, hospitals and schools in Thailand and Peru.  Volunteers also work on public health campaigns in Thailand and Peru.  Join an alumni network of over 500 volunteers.

Since Healthyouth only host volunteers at the request of host country partners, volunteer opportunities may vary by country and the number of openings are limited and competitive.  We cap the number of volunteers in each program at 20 participants to maintain quality.  The most frequent positions are in Clinical Health, or Public Health and Teaching.

Healthyouth offers 2 scholarships annually to exceptional candidates. The scholarship covers the entire program donation and is judged based on the application alone. All applicants are considered. Awardees are notified at the same time an offer is made to accept the volunteer.


All dates listed can be adjusted by several days to accommodate the volunteer’s personal travel schedule.

Winter: December 19, 2015- January 10, 2016

Summer 1: May 20, 2016 – June 22, 2016

Summer 2: July 1, 2016 – July 31, 2016

Year-round: Send us an email!

Application Deadlines:


Early acceptance: September 9, 2015 11:59pm PST

Deadline: September 25, 2015 11:59PM PST

Extension: October 10th, 2015 11:59 PM PST


Early Acceptance: January 22, 2016 11:59pm PST

Deadline: February 19, 2016 11:59PM PST

*We do accept rolling applications, however depending on the submission date they will be placed accordingly by date.


Below is a downloadable attachment with general information about the volunteer programs. 

Volunteer Interships Info 

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers support the work of our partners, whether it is assisting the pediatric unit at a hospital that is in need of more human resources to helping refugees. Please review the positions available by country for a more detailed description of the type of work a volunteer may expect.

Here are a few volunteer alumni testimonials and videos:

“I never expected to be accepted by HY as an intern but I couldn’t imagine my life now if I hadn’t! Through my trip in Peru as a clinical volunteer, I realized then that even the smallest things that you can make a difference and that I truly was meant to pursue medicine. I also met many amazing people while I was in Peru, including two of my best friends-one of which is now my roommate. This trip was a blessing and changed who I am as a person” – Marina Chavez, University of Arizona Summer 2013

“From the caring and supportive hosts to the hands-on clinic duty, the youth health education efforts and the memorable cultural crossover, this program excels in all aspects. My time with my fellow volunteers, our hosts, the local clinicians and community was always positive. In the rooms of the clinics, we were warmly welcomed and privileged to participate in patient exams, giving vaccinations, sewing and removing sutures, and making rounds in the community. Our vaccination and anti-parasite campaigns also brought us to the schools nearby where between dispensing medicine and health education we would find a little time to play with the kids. In the larger clinics there was ample opportunity to observe surgery in the OR. Ultimately, my four weeks with Healthyouth was a seminal lesson in global health; I remain extremely grateful for the opportunity, and undoubtedly impacted by the experience.” – Jack Resnick, Arizona State University Summer 2013

“The clinical medicine program in Thailand this past summer exceeded my highest expectations.  I was able to assist in multiple surgeries and perform a number of medical procedures with training and supervision.  It was fascinating learning about their healthcare system and a truly humbling experience to get to know the patients and form meaningful relationships with my host family and the hospital staff.  I came away with a great understanding of universal precautions and sterile technique, ample patient care experience, and confidence conducting myself with medical  professionals.” – Stephanie Dwyer, University of Maryland Summer 2014 (visit Stephanie’s blog about her trip!)

Our blogs feature many volunteers describing their work 

Working on a medical wellness campaign in Peru

Working on health promotion with refugees, hilltribes and schools in Thailand

A few videos of our volunteers in action:

Working in Indonesia with a special needs school 

Health promotion among refugees in Thailand — We want the experience to be fun too!

Benefits of our volunteer program

We believe that effective service through volunteerism requires strong preparation.  All volunteers are required to participate in a structured orientation to become familiar with the work involved and expectations of our partners.

All orientation sessions are led by professional medical doctors and public health professionals.  All volunteers have privileged access to our board members for advice and professional development.

Our staff also care deeply about our volunteers even beyond the program.  Many volunteers who have made a meaningful impact on our partners often secure reference letters for future careers.

Our programs are guided by professionals who are doctors, policy-makers, public health analysts, and educators who have experience and expertise in the field. Our partners, including the hospital networks, Ministries of Health, and NGOs are leaders in the response to improve their community.  Our alumni network includes doctors, lawyers, public health administrators, teachers, policy makers and more.

Cost and Scholarships

Volunteers are also required to provide a donation of $1680.  We require this because it costs significant resources for us to train volunteers and ensure that they are adequately prepared for the work .   The donation covers most of the living costs in the country and allows us to spend the limited time we have more efficiently without worrying about living arrangements, transport,  food, etc.   Part of the donation is used to support projects abroad.

We are happy to support volunteer efforts to raise money through a letter writing campaign which has proven to be highly successful in the past.  Many volunteers are able to raise above and beyond the donation amount.

Two very competitive scholarships covering the donation minus the required deposit of $250 are available and volunteers are notified at the time of acceptance.

How safe is it?

Safety is a top priority.  Work sites are carefully screened and vetted by our staff and we do not place volunteers in any site that does not meet our standards.  We track all notices from the US Department of State and other advisory groups and are always in contact with family members of volunteers.  While volunteers are abroad, our staff are available 24 hours.  Of course, as in many countries, not just ones abroad, we preach preventive measures and ask volunteers to take care of one another and be vigilant in any circumstance.

Selection Criteria

Academic or professional record

Personal qualifications

Extent to which the candidate will help to advance our goal of promoting mutual and cross cultural understanding through engagement in the host community, among other activities

Preferences of our host country partners and institutions